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How To Obtain and Use the Navigation HUD


Grid Drives are usually slated to start on each Saturday of the month at approximately 11:30 AM and PM SLT time. Sometimes, the navHUD is released earlier in the day for early risers. It's always best to check the DSL groups notices or group chat on Friday or Saturday for current grid drive info. 

All current and past NavHUD's can be obtained in-world at the DSL World Headquarters aka "HQ" here via the archives and are released via the Notices of the Drivers of SL group info page and is usually announced in the group chat within the day/hour. 

You can either click on the Award on top of the filing cabinet to get the current single navHUD or click on the cabinet to get a month of navHUD drives in a folder of your choice.

Archives at HQ

Check DSL Group Notices

Once you obtain your NavHUD you are free to complete the drive when you want to. In-world group notices last two weeks before being automagically deleted from group notices. 

Note: Older DSL NavHUD's may or may not work properly because route locations and objects on the drive/grid may have changed or are no longer available. Rewards also may or may not be available on older drives.

Once you obtain your NavHUD you then wear/add. The navHUD will give you written directions on top of the hud and also in your Local Chat window. 

The NavHUD will also give you Audio directions, so if you have not already done so, turn up your sound so you can hear the directions as well while you are driving.

Please follow the Nav HUD directions given to you before you start asking questions in the DSL group chat. If all else fails, feel free to ask in the DSL Group Chat for help. Most likely there will be a lot of Drivers more than happy to assist you. Go Team :-)

The number one thing about the grid drive is to have patience. Let the NavHud load until it tells you it's ready in the Local Chat window.

Navigation HUD Features

Reroute : Re routes your route if you have not completed your route.

Reroute Symbol

Expand/Contract HUD : Opens and closes the NavHud to optional choices.

Expand / Contract HUD

Map to Next Rez Area : If you need a rez area, press and hold the green diamond with a yellow arrow and it will take you to the next closest rez area forward on the route.

Map to Next Rez Area

Redeliver Items : This will re-deliver items along the route you might have missed including the final reward.

Redeliver Items

Autopilot: If you are standing, running or flying, this will make your avatar walk, run or fly the leg you are on.

Load New Route Notecard : Loads a blue button menu to choose a new leg.

Load New Route Notecard

Load Legs

Jump to Next Leg : Loads the next leg and then shows you its starting location on the map, so that you can then TP there if you choose to. It may come with a warning.

Jump to Next Leg

Help Icon: (Click on the Question Mark) -> ( ? ) 


"Hello, Congratulations, you are in possession of a Drivers of SL 'NavHUD!' 

To reach your pre-programmed destination, just move in a direction that will keep the guidance circle's pointer up at 12-o-clock.

The directional guidance circle is green when you are facing your next waypoint, and will turn to yellow, then eventually red, as you face further away from that goal.

Touch the circle to expand the HUD to display a wide set of drive-time options.

Along the way you may receive guidance and cautions about upcoming rez areas, fuel pumps, narrow roads or channels, turn directions and angles, etc.

Click on the barely legible little orange and black arrow sign if you are lost. You will be re-routed and happily on your way again.

Click on the small icon with the arrow pointing to the green diamond to bring up a map that will show you the next rez area, with an option to teleport there.

Click on the cardboard box with an outgoing arrow to get things redelivered to you if you lost a given item or failed to accept it when offered.

Click on the steering wheel to be auto-piloted during the navigation phase of the current leg.

Click on the box labelled 'next leg' if you are hopelessly stuck on either the navigation or quest phase of a driving tour leg.

To repeat this help at any time, click the little question mark icon you see near the directional guidance circle.

Sent to you is a texture explaining how to use most of the NavHUD features.

Finally, just printed in your chat window is a link you can click to teleport directly to the start of the route.

Thank you for using the NavHUD!

Click this to teleport to the starting point: Teleport to...(the starting point)"


GTFO! Updates

GTFO Vendor 1.9.1
GTFO Vendor 1.9.1

The GTFO Hud has been updated to 1.9.1. Simply add your old hud and the new hud will download to your inventory. The new vendor will also be given to you in the folder. Please replace your old vendors if you use them.


Configuring Visible Cargo with GTFO!


Configuring Visible Cargo

If the vehicle is modifiable and tolerates changed links (ie, it won't explode if you add a box or two) you can add as many containers as the vehicle is raided for, and name them CARGO!x from 1 to how many the vehicle will hold. If you add more, extra containers may remain visible in the unloading process.

So, CARGO!1, CARGO!2, etc.

Depending on the load/unload time, items will be visible/vanish at blocks.

e.g. Containervessel Andrea Doria, all above of 12 container are visible/vanish at once.

Some vehicles needs a special procedure for unlinking/linking. Please consult the creators manual!

Since HUD 1.9.0 the cargo part got separated from the HUD main script.

To operate visible cargo, take your vehicle to edit and drop the !GTFO!CARGO V.1.9.0a into the content.

To configure, how the cargo appear, edit the VAPI-notecard content accordingly.

qty(cargo quantity) times secs(number of seconds to load each item) qty x sec can not exceed 115 seconds else last cargo will not show loading

sample: qty=6


These figures will not replace actual carrying capacity of your vehicle only the loading/unloading of it.

Advanced Multi-Face, Compressible Cargo 


If you are an advanced scripter, you can set the following in the block's descriptions:

[ Prefix ] [ Number Of Containers In Prim ] [ Prim Size ] [ Prim Local Position ]


CGO - Prefix the API looks for, it wants to see this when it's scanning the link-set.

Faces - 0 or 1 = Single Container

If you have multi-element cargo prims, set up to 8 faces.

Prim Size - The vector size the prim will be expanded to when made visible

Prim Local Pos - the LOCAL position it will move the cargo to.

Happy GTFOing
2018 by Cam Maximus
2021 edited by Joan Moleno

How To Set Up Your Vehicle for GTFO!

gtfo logo

Setting Up The Vehicle ID (VAPI code)

    GTFO! identifies your vehicle by a specially named notecard in the vehicles content.
  1. Create a new notecard.
  2. Rename the notecard "GTFO!xxxx" where xxxx is the 'VAPI Code' for your vehicle
  3. Example: "GTFO!SUPERCUB" if you have Laminar Cub
  4. Enter some "space" to the notecard content
  5. Save the NC. By this NC, you can now also configure how many pieces of cargo that show and the time between each piece.
  6.  This figures does not change the actual job cargo or replace the actual carrying capacity of any vehicle.
  7.  More in "Configure visible cargo", below
    VAPI (API code) 

Installing The Vehicle Scripts

  1. Rez your Vehicle
  2. Edit the Vehicle's contents
  3. Insert the named NC "GTFO!xxxx" into contents.
  4. Insert the GTFO! API script included in this package
  5. The API script will now tell you if it found the api block or it will present an error.
  6. To find your GTFO prepared vehicle in inventory, add e.g. GTFO to the end of the vehicles name. Some vehicle, like Shergood heli's, need parts of the name unchanged, to have all features work. Consult your manual.
  7. Take it back to inventory, then rez it again.

Using GTFO!

You don't need to be in a GTFO! Hub Region. 
Presently, those are on mainland continents, Fruit Islands/North Sea.
Click the GTFO Hud and there will be a button labeled 'Find Hubs'.
If you're in a mainland continent, you will see hubs in your proximity.
  1. Visit a GTFO Hub Region
  2. Rez a Vehicle you have prepared for GTFO
  3. Sit in your Vehicle and wait for GTFO to tell you it is connected.
  4. Click the HUD.
  5. Select 'Get Cargo'
  6. You will see some options depending on your vehicle.
    "Courier Job" - Deliver goods from here to another hub.
    " Freight Job" - Deliver goods from here to another hub.
    "Air Drop" - The same as above but to non-hub 'mission regions'.
    You can not load freight at such locations and is not available for all vehicles.

After updates you may see some new jobs types,
these are pretty much the same thing but with different margins

  1. Pick a job, then select a destination from the menu.
  2. Look through the cargo options for the highest value or funniest name,  you pick.
  3. For the initial launch the cargo names may really random.
  4. You may start of with insufficient funds if your vehicle is too large, you may need a smaller vehicle until you can earn more money.
  5. Click 'Load' and then 'Confirm'.
  6. Wait for the HUD to tell you the job is loaded and you are ready to depart.
  7. You can move the vehicle if necessary for traffic, but do not leave the sim as this will cancel the job.
  8. Travel to destination in the allowed time.
  9. Click HUD then 'deliver'.
  10. Wait for cargo to unload.
  11. Collect fake game money.
  12. Repeat.
As you progress, you'll gain levels, as you level up you'll get better margins and more profitable cargos.

Freebie Version Limitation

The Freebie Edition has access to all vehicles and destinations, but...

  • Freebie HUDs will not level up past Level 5
  • They will not gain xp or money bonuses from extra distances traveled
  • They will not gain perks or unlocked items
  • They will not be able to participate in leader boards
However, XP and money gained with the freebie edition carry over into the paid versions! 
If something does not work as it should, de- and re- attach the hud solve most problems.
If you find anything suspect or is obviously a bug, please let us know.
Fastest help you will find in our in-world group secondlife:///app/group/0de2c89b-6213-91e0-c0a5-6936fd1201e6/about
Happy GTFOing           
2018 by Cam Maximus
2019 and 2020 edited by Joan Moleno

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No One Left On The Dock - The Story of The Leeward Cruising Club

LCC logo
LCC Logo

In 2009, Tory Micheline held weekly scheduled Tako Races in Mowry Bay, as a Race Director of the Mowry Bay Yacht Club. One day (about November time) she said to the people who came to her event, that there will not be a race that day, instead of that, people will do an exploring trip from Mowry Bay to the North, until they can´t go North anymore, then sail back to the Mowry Docks after reaching that final sim border. Any Boat was welcome on that event. I, Manul Rotaru, was sailing around in the area that day, and I joined in with a small Trudeau. A mixed fleet started, very few boats made it, most had issues with sim borders, ban lines, narrow passages, navigation problems and so on.  My Trudeau sailed back into Mowry Bay and I said to Tory that I enjoyed that event and that I liked what she did. Quickly and spontaneously we decided to do another non-racing exploring sail the week after, using her Tuesday event time slot. From earlier explorations and sails I had knowledge about various SL Mainland waterways, and Tory had her experience in hosting events as a Mowry Bay Yacht Club Race Director. And so it started: I created the cruise charts, explored new regions, and test sailed routes.  Tory did the “cheerleading” as she described it once, she did the inviting, talking to people, writing the announcements, notecards, managing our media and contacts, doing organization.

Already on those early cruises, the Mowry Bay Cruising Club attracted a lot of different kind of sailors: old salts, beginners, experienced racers, sailors who are far away from the known racing scene and so on. Any boat was welcome (though we do now draw the line at prim/script heavy boats - Lag-Monsters as I call them), any skill level welcome, people can crew or sail their own boat, with no one left on the dock. Quickly it became obvious that the sailors liked to socialize and party when they arrived in a remote harbour together, and soon we had various kinds of parties at the end.

After many successful weekly cruises, it became very obvious that we needed a second cruise in a more Euro-friendly timeslot, and we found a vacant one in the calendar on Sundays at 2 PM SLT. Our friend VenusMari Zapedzki from Mowry Bay said that she could run the Euro group, using already existing charts of the Tuesday East coast time slot group. From the beginning, VenusMari did all the work independently, and soon the MBCC Euro group became a very successful group. Croco Capalini helped Venus in hosting the Sunday Cruises, for a period they worked together. During the late summer of this year, Venus could not run the Sunday Euro group anymore, and we were lucky that Orca Flotta took over the leadership of the great Sunday Group. Orca also creates new charts, so then we had two chart makers in MBCC.

Eventually, Orca decided to move on to other things, and passed on the task of organizing the Tuesday cruises to me, Kittensusie Landar (happily, Orca still cruises with us whenever possible). One of the first things I decided to do was organize a linked series of cruises starting from Sansara, sailing up to Heterocera (where we explored the inner Atoll before circumnavigating the outer waters) and eventually returning to the start-point. At first I was worried it would not be a success, but I need not have worried. We sailed the Long Haul (as I named it) for two weeks, then sailed the more open waters of Blake for a week before returning to it. 

It was during this venture that Chaos Mandelbrot took over as the Tuesday cruise organizer, and what a fantastic job he has done. One change we made to the Sunday cruises was to start them one hour earlier to make it easier for those of us in Europe to join in.  

After the MBCC had been in existence for a year, Manul composed an informative history of the group, a lot of which I've incorporated in this history of the LCC. 

Then Tory decided to leave SL. Manul had previously also decided to move on to other things within SL sailing. I’m glad to say that Manul still sails with us, and Tory makes an occasional visit to SL to see how things are going. 

Before leaving, Tory made Chaos Mandelbrot, Cate Foulsbane and myself joint-owners of the club. One of the first things we decided on was that a change of name was required; we wanted to show everyone that we were not physically connected to the Mowry Bay Yacht Club and were instead an independent organization. After much planning, we formed the Leeward Cruising Club (LCC) and invited everyone from the MBCC over to the new group. It was, in my opinion, one of the best decisions we made. Cate later left the ownership of the LCC but sails with us on nearly all our cruises, and also stands in for Chaos or myself if we can't be online in time to start the cruise for some reason.

We have, over the years, grown into the biggest cruising club in SL. We are proud to retain our total independence from other yacht clubs, which also means we can visit them all for our parties. We have received a lot of support from several yacht clubs throughout SL however. No matter where we sail to we are welcomed with open arms, and there are still many potential party-places we have yet to visit. The future looks good for us, and we will carry on cruising for as long as there is water to sail. And we will remain independent; the original Gypsies of the SL Seas.

Of course, the MBCC/LCC would not have been the success it is without the help and support of a lot of people, sadly too many to list here, but I say a big thank you for supporting us in our ventures. Needless to say, our success has also depended on the continued support of our members, especially those who sail with us week after week, sometimes fighting ridiculous amounts of lag but somehow making it through to the party. My heartiest thanks to you all.

Manul Rotaru and Kittensusie Landar