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North Island Track Added

On the last Grid Drive, we discovered a nice new track to drive on. North Island  - Isle of Demonte. You cant fly on the sim (forced landing spot) so if you want to start from the top to go down instead, you must use the TP board from the bottom. The track rises 1000 meters.


The list of region and racing tracks can be found here:


Bicycle Racing In SL?


Since around 2021, Second Life Cycling Federation or SLCF, is a venue completely dedicated to biking. Dare to compete in road and track events, or simply enjoy a ride near the sea or over the mountains. Rezzing area is available. Cycling is their passion!

Yes there is a free bike there to try out, see pic.

This location is now linked in our Region and Racing Tracks page here:


Get Your Train Stuff On

 Recently discovered this Virtual Railroad Consortium freebie wall while looking for a track for our SL RFL display space. You can get pretty much get everything you need to start your railroad adventure here . You can find most if not all of the SLRR railroad stations and history/info here from our DSL Pages found on our home page.




Trophy Time

Had fun at Amber Racing watching the dragsters do their thing with Brandi as a tour guide. They have weekly events if you are interested.


Region and Racing Tracks

Region Tracks

Busy Ben's Vehicle Lot

Linden Labs vehicle sim

C.H.C. Tracks

Vendor test tracks - On and Off Roads

GearHead Car Club

Private tracks

Haru Motors

Vendor 5 test tracks

Kings Canyon Bottom

Private track bottom

Kings Canyon Top

Private track top

Kings Canyon Steampunk Track

Private track start point

Moto Bazzi

Vendor test track

New Citizens Inc Track

Private track

Rock of Cashel Riding Sim Top

Private rack top

Rock of Cashel Riding Sim Bottom

Private track start point

Rockin' Rollers MC Bottom

Private track bottom

Rockin' Rollers MC Top

Private track top

The Wastelands

Apocalyptic role play sim

Racing Tracks

2RAW Extreme

12 road/race tracks

GearHeads Car Club

Several road racing tracks and a drag strip

Georgean Test Track

LC Racing Circuits

13 road/race tracks

Racers Island

20 Race tracks