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New Mythril - Teeglepet Western System


For those of you who ride horses, there is a new "animation" that basically overrides your stock HUD with all new animations for riding for all of the current breeds. Yes you can toggle it off and use the standard HUD whenever you want. 

You can read more on their blog here: you can purchase it here now at their home and garden show:

I have updated the updates page here.



The Hawks will be at the Home and Garden Expo on Tuesday, March 1st, at 5:00 PM. 

They will be flying their amazing nighttime show with laser lights and particle effects. You have to see it to believe it!  

Luke Flywalker from MtFB Radio will be on hand calling the play-by-play and spinning some great tunes!

The Home and Garden Expo is a Relay for Life of Second Life event. 


Moving and Dropping Cargo on the Grid Drive

Grid drives have been getting interesting lately as we are moving cargo around with pallet movers, loading them in our flying machines and dropping them at certain locations.


Music to Drive By - Luke's Weekend Drive Shows!

Schedule this week for:

Turlaccor MotoDesigns Grid Drive

Saturday, Feb 19, 11:25 AM and 11:55 PM

Sunday, Feb 20, 6:00 AM

Music selection:


Led Zeppelin


The Kinks

Jim Croce

The Who

The Police

Jackson Browne


Khruangbin & Leon Bridges 

The Band

Depeche Mode

Parov Stellar

and many more!


DSL Blimp on the SL Valentine's Love Boat Cruise

DSL Blimp on Valentines Love Boat Cruise

Drivers Blimping

We had a little river cruise yesterday to the Bellisseria Fairgrounds for the SL Valentine's Love Boat Cruise. The Sim was quickly full so had to maneuver around it. One of the Moles used our navHUD to create the path. As far as I know, this is the first time LL has used our navHUD to do something. I guess we are getting noticed? Leave a comment if you know otherwise.


Zombies And bin Laden Oh My


On last weeks grid drive, some of us encountered something we have not seen for quite a while... a sim attack. It stopped all traffic and in fact, I had to re-log while trying to move my overturned Ajax away from its position. If you stayed there long enough, your graphics card would overload and stall. 

We encountered one of these at winter camp in 2019 as well. bin Laden was quickly removed after several drivers reported him to LL.