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FireStorm Classes Box Of Class Notes Now At HQ1

I added a box of notecards from Bluezy Bleac the teacher at Firestorm Support near the front of the entrance to HQ 1. I will try and keep them as updated as I can. The classroom LM is in the box as well.

I always learn something new at these classes when I get the chance to attend them.

NOTE: These are not my notes.

They are created by (Bluezy Bleac) 


I suggest you try and take a Firestorm Class which are announced in the Firestorm Support Group here to improve your viewing pleasure and knowledge.


Class Schedule can be found here:




GPU Shredder Found on Circuit la Corse

The other day, March 19th 2023 several drivers came across a "GPU Shredder" artifact that had been placed or generated on Optiman. I immediately tp'ed to the location only to find this huge monster of a cloud of prims in multiple colors slowly generating itself hovering over the entire area. Soon after, my Firestorm became unusable after flying away from this generated object to try and get a better photo of the anomaly. To no avail, after several minutes, I could not move and my pointer was continually spinning. I had to force quit Firestorm. I re logged in and again moved away quickly into the sea and was finally able to capture a few shots of the monster before I began slowing down again and this time safely tp'd away.




 September 9, 2022 

With our previous release being somewhat minor, this one could be considered a major update!

LOT’S of new shiny including some major code merges from Linden Lab bringing us to parity with SLV 6.6.2.

New QA Process and viewer update cadence.

Yes, a new update already! As was mentioned in the previous release post we have moved to a more rapid QA and release cycle. This will mean you will receive updates and fixes far more frequently. Our QA process now revolves largely around our in world Preview Group, of which YOU TOO can be a member! We issue a new build every week to this group, and after the 4th build is sent out, if no blockers are found… that build gets promoted to a Release Candidate. One week after that we aim to issue an official update. Viewer updates can be expected roughly every 6-8 weeks. This is the completion of the first cycle using this strategy and I must say, it has been a surprisingly big success. MANY thanks to our Formal Beta testers and all members in our (open to the public) Preview Group. Please consider joining the group to get the latest shiny all the time! Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group....

More here:

Download it here:

More info here: