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Some Events For March 2024!

Fly for Life Expo 2024 Events

Sunday 3/3/2024 - 2:00 PM - Expo Opening Day and Kick-Off Party w/ Luke and Friends

Monday – Friday 3/4 – 3/8 
All Day – Fly for Life Expo open to public
Air Racing Track Open!
Fly for Life Aviation Museum
Tour Aerobatic Team Hangars
Team Practices on Fly for Life Show Region

Friday  3/8
5 PM – 6 PM – bFlat Unplugged at Fly for Life Entertainment Venue

(We still have openings on the Friday schedule for DJ’s and live singers. Sign up at this URL

Saturday 3/9
11 AM – 3 PM – Ride with the Open to the public – Take a ride with the team of your choice 
 2PM – 3 PM – Alchemelic – Original Music and Particle Show
 3PM – 4PM – Second Life Cheerleaders
 4PM – 5 PM – Billy Bob’s Psychedelic Underground Tribute Band with Kalyca’s Acid Rock Light Show

Sunday 3/10 – Fly for Life Air Show
8:00 AM – Preshow 
8:30 AM – Blue Angels – Fat Albert
8:45 AM – Blue Angels Helicopter Fly-Over
9:00 AM – Brazilian Smoke Squadron
9:45 AM – Anemone Wing Walking
10:30 AM – Team Phoenix
11:15 AM – The Roulettes
12:00 PM – SL Blue Angels
12:45 PM – PAF (French Air Patrol)
1:30 PM – The Hawks Aerobatic Team                  


Drivers of SL by Bixyl Shuftan of SL Newser

After my initial interview months ago and later with Zada and Christie, Bixyl Shuftan has produced a felicitous article on DSL. This article is a good summary of our organization and how it works. 

Thanks and appreciation go to Bixyl! 

We hope to see her on one or more of our drives or events in the future.

Give it a good read and feel free to leave comments below. 


The Decommissioning... We Said Goodbye To Our Beloved HQ1

In 2019, it was decided that we needed a world headquarters. We needed a space to be able to give out our weekly navHUD via a file cabinet and have a home to call our own where people could gather to collect our weekly adventure drive which included a GTFO drive once a month. Close ties with the GTFO organization including CinnamonMousse and Syler Avon made this possible. Shortly thereafter, Christie asked me if I would be interested in maintaining the place and I agreed it would be fun and that would take on the responsibility. Thus the DSL headquarters was a established inside the GTFO World Headquarters located on Bruissac on the Jeogeot Gulf adjacent to the Blake Sea (some of the most expensive real estate areas on the grid).

As the years went on, I would create sets of displays in the courtyard depending on our special events and seasons featuring vehicles from our sponsors given out each week to highlight and a also give a sense of belonging. I especially enjoyed creating winter scenes with snow and vehicles related to that with trees and lighting etcetera.

As the story goes, one day Syler decided to make a change. He grew tired of the same old set up of the GTFO World Headquarters and wanted to try something new. This included our space. It turns out that Syler re arranged his land holdings and was able to consolidate land in Bruissac and adjacent Hugues together to form a new GTFO and DSL headquarters. This is where we are at now. 



SL20B is OPEN! Yes We Have an Exhibit!

Welcome to SL20B ! We are so happy to see you! Grab your party hat and your dancing shoes and let's CELEBRATE!

DSL Exhibit here :

---SL20B DATES---

Event Dates: June 22nd - July 11th

SLB Official Opening: June 22nd, 10am SLT.

Opening Speech June 22nd,  12pm SLT with Patch Linden

Music Fest: June 22nd - 24th

Live & Auditorium Stages: June 25th - July 2

--- Birthday Gifts---

There are signs throughout the Welcome regions titled "SL20B Gifts". Click on them to receive your SL20B gift bag of memorabilia!

--- SL20B Hunt---

The SL20B Hunt HUD can be picked up signs at the welcome Area. Join the hunt and follow the hints to each new SL20B sign to pick up a collection of awesome SL20B themed gifts. The SL20B Signs are hidden all over the Birthday estate so grab a bottle of water and let's get hunting! (We ask you not to spoil the location in public or group chat.)

--- Gift Area ---

Make sure to check out the Tapestry of Time Gift Area for a windfall of gifts from SL20B Exhibitors. You might need to pick up a cart to carry away your loot!

--- Stages and performances ---

With four stages at SL20B, there is always a party happening somewhere. Check the Official SL20B calendar of events to always know where the next party is waiting to explode! 

**Official SL20B Calendar**

---Shop and Hop---

Want to deck yourself out in the latest Cyber styles and rock the night away? Jump over the the Shop and Hop. With twenty general regions and four adult-rated regions there are sales and gifts galore waiting for you!

--- Exhibitors---

Twenty-two Regions, both general and adult-rated, full of creativity showing the brilliant minds of our Residents. From personal passion projects that feature works of art, design and scripting to non profit organizations and roleplay communities, discover what it is people love to do in Second Life.

--- Community Gallery --- 

For twenty years, Second Life has offered us a virtual space to create, define  and explore. We have come together over the years from a myriad of points scattered across the globe, each bringing a unique combination of experiences and abilities which have shaped this space into a world. Inside that world we have met new friends, discovered new interests, experienced new adventures, and made new memories. This year, we invite you to share those memories with us. The Community Gallery at the Second Life Birthday has been created to showcase the memories we have made in Second Life over the years. The memories that turned a virtual world into a community of Residents.

Official SL20B Calendar

SL20B Magazine


Second Life News and Information

news@sl logo

Here are a few links to check out what's going on TODAY in Second Life.







If you know of any other sites and blogs that should be considered for current SL news, please comment.