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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Airport Waypoint HUD HSI Updates to Version 1.6

Airport Waypoint HUD HSI

Airport Waypoint HUD Indicators

Glide Slope Indicator

  • A waypoint HUD that also allows you to fly using an emulation of a real instrument.
  • The HUD uses notecards to record lists of airports and their positions.
  • Each airport can also have a runway heading and notes. Runway headings can use any angle :)
  • Multiple notecards can be used, organize lists of airports and/or routes with them.
  • Has two route modes of operation, where it will automatically set the next or previous waypoint as you progress through a journey.
  • World map beacon can be used as well.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

USB HUD Pro Updated to Version 1.5

USB 1.5

1.5 :

    ** Added a function to go directly to a waypoint by its number (ZapTo in main menu)

    ** Improved RLV detection to avoid RLV not being detected when relogging with the hud attached

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Free Stars - All In 1 Hud by SuziCohen !

All in 1 HUD
Free Stars All In 1 HUD

Free Stars - All In 1 Hud by SuziCohen

A fantastic smart HUD that includes more than 27 boats controllers. 

  • The version 7.7 HUD currently works with the following watercraft:
  • Achillez Sauber
  • Bandit 22 LTE, 380, 380R, 460AK, 50/3, 55, 60, Bambino, IF, R25, SRV210, SRV210C
  • BOSS 225, 225V
  • Cafe del Mar 75 
  • Captains Launch
  • Destino
  • Elements
  • Es Paradis & Amnesia
  • Flying Shadow
  • I-Mocca 60
  • Laser One
  • Nassau Beach
  • Ocean Beach
  • One Design 65
  • Pacha 110
  • Pro Classic
  • Pro Classic 550 CG
  • Ushuaia

You can find this tool and many others we recommend  here: