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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Discover Nautilus Underwater

If you dont have a submarine or scuba gear. you can get a dolphin to ride!

A Rideable Dolphin has appeared just next to the Dolphin Station pedestal! Your dolphin is ready to help you explore the underwater  sights and treasures surrounding Nautilus City.

This dolphin is YOURS to use for 15 minutes. If you need more time (and we thing you will!), simply return to the Dolphin Station a get another dolphin.  

To ride the Dolphin:
1) Turn off any Animation Overrides (AOs)
2) Right click the Dolphin (Command click on a Mac) to bring up the standard pie menu
3) Select "Ride" from the pie menu.
4) You're on your way!

These dolphins are very fast and perform like physical vehicles.  
Some simple things to know about how the Dolphin will act:

1)  You can swim with her underwater or fly above ground.
2)  You can "Stand Up" and explore an area on foot, then return and 'Ride" again.
3)  You CANNOT teleport with her -- she will not go with you. However, if you teleport back to the last place you left her, she will be waiting for you. (But only till the 15 minutes is up)
4) You can get another dolphin at any time. They're all eager to help you explore Nautilus City!

Here is a landmark to the Dolphin Station:

Many thanks go to Jesrad Seraph, creator of the EverLite Creature Shop for these incredible dolphins.  Her talent and creativity have allowed us to provide this unique and fun way to explore Nautilus City underwater!

We've included maps (courtesy of Autumn Heyse) to help you find some of Nautilus City and the Blake Seas's most interesting locales.

Enjoy your explorations!
Nautilus City Alliance