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Free DSL Hat Deluxe Available Now!


dsl hat
The new DSL Hat Deluxe is now available at all three DSL HQ locations for free. Cheers!


Steam Punk Ahead

 It appears that this years celebration will be themed steam punk. Looking forward to that. Get your steam punk vehicles out to celebrate. June 16 through July 5th 2022. SL Public Calendar here



New Page for Music to Travel With!

We are huge music fans and therefore today we are starting a new page called "Music To Travel With" here

A short description will be included with an in-world stream you can paste into your parcel radio or parcel itself by copy and paste the url into your About Land/Sound/Music URL field.

Send us your favorite music streams by commenting below.


Luke's Weekend Drive Show Schedule for 3/19 -3/20

Luke's Weekend Drive Show Schedule for 3/19 -3/20

Saturday, March 19th
11:30 AM
11:59 PM

Sunday, March 20th
5:00 AM
9:00 AM

Pick up the free player hud on SL Marketplace

Featured Artists in this week's show:

Toot's and the Maytals
Otis Redding
John Mellencamp
Steve Miller
Jethro Tull
Joe Satriani
..and 25 more! More than 2 hours of music and commentary to enhance your driving experience.





Abandoned Land Finder!

abandoned land finder

If you are looking for help searching for acquiring abandoned land in a region for your setup, here is a great tool to do so. I have added it to our tools page here.

This tool allows you to automatically scan an entire region to identify any abandoned land parcels. Abandoned land can be bought for L$1 per square meter by submitting a ticket to Linden Lab.

The Abandoned Land Finder reports land details as needed to request purchase - just copy and paste from the land finder report into your ticket.

  • Scans entire region and identifies any Abandoned Land parcels.
  • Reports parcel size, location, date resumed, and any info recorded.
  • Gives SLURL link to teleport to parcel location.
  • Can be set to automatically scan daily or weekly and send email reports.
  • HUD version included. Works in "no-script" zones.


DSL Group Rules...

General rules for the DSL in-world groupSubject to change.


    * 3 notices per week max.


    * Can offer 1 non-offensive, non-business promotional item monthly in chat.


    * Must be nice (no trolling, especially moderators).

    * Can post 1 vehicle related, non-recurring event in chat monthly.

(Those seeking clarification of "nice" or "offensive" should refrain from group chat)