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Get Your Train Stuff On

 Recently discovered this Virtual Railroad Consortium freebie wall while looking for a track for our SL RFL display space. You can get pretty much get everything you need to start your railroad adventure here . You can find most if not all of the SLRR railroad stations and history/info here from our DSL Pages found on our home page.

DSL Is A Sponsor At The 2023 SL Living Expo!

DSL will be a sponsor at the SL Living Expo on March 3rd -12th 2023. More info here.

"SL Living Expo is a new Relay For Life of Second Life Mega Event, replacing the Home and Garden Expo.  Expanding upon the theme of home and garden and refreshing it in new and exciting ways by adding aviation, nautical, activities and experiences to have a glimpse into the way we live and enjoy Second Life."


Glow in the Dark Airshow - February 26th


Glow In The Dark Air Show

Brazilian Air Force
Anemone Wing Walking
The Hawks

Sunday, February 26
11 AM - 14 PM SLT
Fiji Island Airport
Glow In The Dark Air Show

11:00 AM Opening
11:15 AM Brazilian Air Force
12:15 PM Anemone Wing Walking
13:00 PM The Hawks
14:00 PM afterparty at the Pilots Retreat FIA


Parastrike Now Available!


First purchaser and one day so far review... Very interesting and stable aircraft and now land and water craft (with wheels and floats). After owning the paramotor for over a year, I am comfortable with its controls and hud. This air craft is for the enthusiast flyer as it has a lot of detail and information to assimilate. The vehicle provides you with a lot of feedback as you are flying and is super fun to fly with friends and or solo. It floats as well and incudes a lot of interesting sounds from the get go. The creator is helpful and has good customer support. I have seen his vehicles grow better and better and Mr. Core has provided many updates throughout the years. I dont want to spoil the fun of your first flight with too much info but you wont be sorry if you decide to pick this up. - Cheers, Jazz

Creator: Encripton Core


Only vendor location at the moment:

Price: $975L

Personal demo is not available at the moment unless requested.


Met Godiva Today...


Met with Godiva today as she needed a jet pilot for an upcoming video :-)

SL Living Expo Vehicle Show March 3rd 2023

 SL Living Expo Vehicle Show Rules

SL Living Expo runs March 3-12th.  Setup will be available starting February 28th. 

1. One entry per avatar.

2. Entry Fee: L$200 ($2.50 USD). Entry fee must be paid prior to being allowed to enter your vehicle into the show. 

3. Vehicle definition: Cars, Motorcycles or other vehicles that can be driven on a roadway.

4. Maximum allowed prims for vehicle is 150 LE.

5. Minimize scripts as much as possible (Vehicles do not need to be driven) and vehicles must be locked.

6. Must fit in a 12x12 plot.

7. All entries must be a moderate rating.

8. Vehicles can be modified using a variety of kitbash parts and re-texturing.

9. Winner is determined by largest amount donated in their assigned RFL kiosk.

10. Cars will be divided into two categories: modified and unmodified.  Modified cars must be created by  using kit parts to modify the appearance and design and must be completed by you.  This may also include re-texturing with a custom texture.  Unmodified cars are purchased from other creators and you just want to show off your favorite.  unmodified cars must also come with a write-up from you as to why it's your favorite and why you've chosen to show it off at the SL Living Expo.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Cody Chronotis (cody.conundrum). 

For Registration Payment, visit our office.  The vehicle show poster in the office has a white box for payment.


This Week at Billy Bob's Underground!


Shows start at 4 PM SL
5PM - Kalyca's Acid Rock Light and Particle Show with Billy Bob's Psychedelic Underground Tribute Band
6PM - bFlat Unplugged singin' da blues! (Live blues)

4 PM - Bad Boy Rock set with DJ Billy Bob


Discover Nautilus Underwater

If you dont have a submarine or scuba gear. you can get a dolphin to ride!

A Rideable Dolphin has appeared just next to the Dolphin Station pedestal! Your dolphin is ready to help you explore the underwater  sights and treasures surrounding Nautilus City.

This dolphin is YOURS to use for 15 minutes. If you need more time (and we thing you will!), simply return to the Dolphin Station a get another dolphin.  

To ride the Dolphin:
1) Turn off any Animation Overrides (AOs)
2) Right click the Dolphin (Command click on a Mac) to bring up the standard pie menu
3) Select "Ride" from the pie menu.
4) You're on your way!

These dolphins are very fast and perform like physical vehicles.  
Some simple things to know about how the Dolphin will act:

1)  You can swim with her underwater or fly above ground.
2)  You can "Stand Up" and explore an area on foot, then return and 'Ride" again.
3)  You CANNOT teleport with her -- she will not go with you. However, if you teleport back to the last place you left her, she will be waiting for you. (But only till the 15 minutes is up)
4) You can get another dolphin at any time. They're all eager to help you explore Nautilus City!

Here is a landmark to the Dolphin Station:

Many thanks go to Jesrad Seraph, creator of the EverLite Creature Shop for these incredible dolphins.  Her talent and creativity have allowed us to provide this unique and fun way to explore Nautilus City underwater!

We've included maps (courtesy of Autumn Heyse) to help you find some of Nautilus City and the Blake Seas's most interesting locales.

Enjoy your explorations!
Nautilus City Alliance