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Virtual Community Radio ie: VCRadio, Takes Stage



"Virtual Community Radio is about Virtual Communities – groups of people with common interests in virtual worlds like Second Life® – and about Community Radio – talking to people in those groups and providing entertainment and information they enjoy. In addition to being aimed at listeners in virtual worlds, it’s also for listeners on the wider Internet.

VCRadio has one primary broadcasting stream running 24/7, with an additional stream for occasional special events presenting public domain material. Day-to-day music programming consists primarily of Light Classical music, plus a little carefully-selected Classical, Baroque, Early Music, Soundtracks, Lounge/Easy Listening and Light Music. In addition, special Featured Music programming days explore a wide selection of music genres on a rotating basis."

"Virtual Community Radio (VCRadio) was founded in January 2021 by Richard Elen, also known in Second Life and elsewhere as DJ and presenter Elrik Merlin. He’s probably best-known both as a TV presenter on the popular web TV show Designing Worlds and as a regular presenter/DJ on Radio Riel for over a dozen years until he left in late 2020 to start VCRadio."

Stream here: