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Abandoned Land Finder!

abandoned land finder

If you are looking for help searching for acquiring abandoned land in a region for your setup, here is a great tool to do so. I have added it to our tools page here.

This tool allows you to automatically scan an entire region to identify any abandoned land parcels. Abandoned land can be bought for L$1 per square meter by submitting a ticket to Linden Lab.

The Abandoned Land Finder reports land details as needed to request purchase - just copy and paste from the land finder report into your ticket.

  • Scans entire region and identifies any Abandoned Land parcels.
  • Reports parcel size, location, date resumed, and any info recorded.
  • Gives SLURL link to teleport to parcel location.
  • Can be set to automatically scan daily or weekly and send email reports.
  • HUD version included. Works in "no-script" zones.