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Welcome Drivers, Pilots and Haulers!

Welcome to the new DSL Blog formerly known as the (4 years old) Drivers of Second Life Wiki. 

We decided to move away from the Fandom wiki style and make it easier for to YOU to contribute to the project. Send us an email at the bottom of the sidebar if you would like to author.

Feel free to check in from time to time to see our progress and let us know if you would like to contribute! 

To author or have any questions, send us an email using the form on the bottom of the sidebar. 

Yes, we respect your privacy.

Draco Monster STOL Bush Plane Updates

JimiXi and crew have recently updated the venerable Draco Monster STOL bush plane to version 1.1. The Draco is a lot of fun to fly and features scripting by Shana Carpool and lots of painting options. You can find one here:

Draco Side View
Draco Side View

Draco Top View
Draco Top View

Draco Cockpit View
Draco Cockpit View


Love Sailing...

Bandit 50/3
Love sailing in the Blake Sea in our Bandit 50/3
Sailing in SL is so relaxing. It's a great way to take the edge off of a grid drive with the constant struggle of keeping your vehicle on the road at speed and or keeping up with a pack of drivers without ending up in someones back yard or living room, getting stuck in a ban line or orbed parcel to be taken back to your own parcel and having to start all over from your last position if you remember where you were on the map, because you did not have time to set a LM before you got "jacked" (stalled without the ability to edit/move your vehicle or TP to a close location from where your vehicle is). Yes, that's a long sentence. 

There are quite a few sailing groups out there but one of the biggest and most popular (2000+ members) is the free to join Leeward Cruising Club or LCC. You may have seen many little yellow and blue LCC squares on the map, usually near a coast or waterway. Thing to keep in mind, is that there is always a rezzing spot at a LCC location. LCC locations are privately owned spots where the owner has applied to the group to be seen on the map as an official space. 

Sky Signs Map
LCC Sky Signs on the Map

I will post another blog about the LCC group in the near future. You can find the group in-world.

LCC logo
LCC Group Logo

Meetup at DSL HQ

 Meetup with Grinchy and a new friend after a December 2021 Grid Drive