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New LiveStreamer of NavHUD drive

We would like to introduce the live stream distribution of NavHUD by those
who participated in Grid Drive in the past.

20220416 Nav HUD

When Pyo watched the live stream, he was tracking with a high-speed helicopter from about Leg5,
but the car was faster to run along Route8, and he caught up with Leg6.
1:00:28 Pyo is flying on GTFO! HQ

20220409 Nav HUD

20220402 Nav HUD

20220326 Nav HUD

Games are distributed in addition to Second Life, so please register if you like it.

DSL and Grid Drive History

In 2014 Patty Cloquet, a Second Life Cheerleader, created a simple navigation HUD to guide aviators to parties. SLCS (The Second Life Cheerleading Squad) had a monthly events called "Destination Unknown" parties. Party goers would follow the Nav HUD pointer dot from waypoint to waypoint until they reached the hidden party. The HUD was very simple, could only handle one leg and do nothing more than point one from waypoint to waypoint.

The "Destination Unknown" parties while a huge success, didn't last long and was soon forgotten. The Nav HUD was then lightly used over the next few years to help teach new pilots routes from one airport to another, but had no beeps, bells, voices, turn signs or anything, just a dot pointing you in a direction.

In October of 2017, Christi Charron decided to start a driving group, where anyone could post group drives using their own maps or navigation HUD brands and every member was allowed to post a notice doing so. 

Christi decided to create her own drive using the old Nav HUD Patty had created for aviation years earlier since nobody was posting drives as she had hoped, and posted it in the group. 

Not many were notified about the drive but over 20 people showed up to the first one, surprising everyone and showing there was a clear need for organized drives SL.

Christi then began planning simple, weekly drives, leading from point A to B only. Spurred on by the excitement of her HUD being put to good use, Patty began working endless hours improving the Nav HUD, making it indicate when a turn or region corner was approaching, and adding voice to it. The additions were a huge success and the group began to grow quickly!

Soon, it was apparent more was needed to keep people's interests high and Christi had always had an idea of using the entire Grid as the setting for a game or experience, but never could figure out how. One drive on Nautilus was made where one went from point A to B, then drivers received a second HUD upon arrival they would then use, taking them on Leg 2. 

When Patty saw this being done she quickly modified the Nav HUD to handle multiple Legs within one HUD, and at the same time it was decided the HUD could and should detect people doing things at drive stops, forcing them to enter stores and such, to give them a reason for driving from point A to B, then C to D. The next week, the Navigation HUD had it's first interactive drive stop, forcing drivers at the end of the drive to enter a Gas Station owned by Driver Davedorm Gaffer, wash their hands in the sink, then exit the store to complete the drive. 

Once Drivers and Creators saw this in action, they then knew almost every stop needed some sort of interaction, Patty and Christi worked very hard to come up with Nav HUD changes that allowed for detection of avatar interactions in world, and to react to them.

Over the next year, Patty worked endless hours improving the Nav HUD as things that were needed weekly became evident, and it has tremendous flexibility allowing one to create complex drives in a few days time that would take weeks to script from scratch. 

It is this reason that we have the ability to create basically a weekly video game mission similar to today's popular sandbox style games outside of SL. 

As Patty has unfortunately left SL permanently, we miss her and wish her well. 

Progress still continues on improving the Nav HUD and each week the Drivers Group tries to show it's members something new in SL they haven't seen before, and usually tries to impress them by having the HUD do something new each and every week that they didn't realize was possible.

How To Obtain and Use the Navigation HUD


Grid Drives are usually slated to start on each Saturday of the month at approximately 11:30 AM and PM SLT time. Sometimes, the navHUD is released earlier in the day for early risers. It's always best to check the DSL groups notices or group chat on Friday or Saturday for current grid drive info. 

All current and past NavHUD's can be obtained in-world at the DSL World Headquarters aka "HQ" here via the archives and are released via the Notices of the Drivers of SL group info page and is usually announced in the group chat within the day/hour. 

You can either click on the Award on top of the filing cabinet to get the current single navHUD or click on the cabinet to get a month of navHUD drives in a folder of your choice.

Archives at HQ

Check DSL Group Notices

Once you obtain your NavHUD you are free to complete the drive when you want to. In-world group notices last two weeks before being automagically deleted from group notices. 

Note: Older DSL NavHUD's may or may not work properly because route locations and objects on the drive/grid may have changed or are no longer available. Rewards also may or may not be available on older drives.

Once you obtain your NavHUD you then wear/add. The navHUD will give you written directions on top of the hud and also in your Local Chat window. 

The NavHUD will also give you Audio directions, so if you have not already done so, turn up your sound so you can hear the directions as well while you are driving.

Please follow the Nav HUD directions given to you before you start asking questions in the DSL group chat. If all else fails, feel free to ask in the DSL Group Chat for help. Most likely there will be a lot of Drivers more than happy to assist you. Go Team :-)

The number one thing about the grid drive is to have patience. Let the NavHud load until it tells you it's ready in the Local Chat window.

Navigation HUD Features

Reroute : Re routes your route if you have not completed your route.

Reroute Symbol

Expand/Contract HUD : Opens and closes the NavHud to optional choices.

Expand / Contract HUD

Map to Next Rez Area : If you need a rez area, press and hold the green diamond with a yellow arrow and it will take you to the next closest rez area forward on the route.

Map to Next Rez Area

Redeliver Items : This will re-deliver items along the route you might have missed including the final reward.

Redeliver Items

Autopilot: If you are standing, running or flying, this will make your avatar walk, run or fly the leg you are on.

Load New Route Notecard : Loads a blue button menu to choose a new leg.

Load New Route Notecard

Load Legs

Jump to Next Leg : Loads the next leg and then shows you its starting location on the map, so that you can then TP there if you choose to. It may come with a warning.

Jump to Next Leg

Help Icon: (Click on the Question Mark) -> ( ? ) 


"Hello, Congratulations, you are in possession of a Drivers of SL 'NavHUD!' 

To reach your pre-programmed destination, just move in a direction that will keep the guidance circle's pointer up at 12-o-clock.

The directional guidance circle is green when you are facing your next waypoint, and will turn to yellow, then eventually red, as you face further away from that goal.

Touch the circle to expand the HUD to display a wide set of drive-time options.

Along the way you may receive guidance and cautions about upcoming rez areas, fuel pumps, narrow roads or channels, turn directions and angles, etc.

Click on the barely legible little orange and black arrow sign if you are lost. You will be re-routed and happily on your way again.

Click on the small icon with the arrow pointing to the green diamond to bring up a map that will show you the next rez area, with an option to teleport there.

Click on the cardboard box with an outgoing arrow to get things redelivered to you if you lost a given item or failed to accept it when offered.

Click on the steering wheel to be auto-piloted during the navigation phase of the current leg.

Click on the box labelled 'next leg' if you are hopelessly stuck on either the navigation or quest phase of a driving tour leg.

To repeat this help at any time, click the little question mark icon you see near the directional guidance circle.

Sent to you is a texture explaining how to use most of the NavHUD features.

Finally, just printed in your chat window is a link you can click to teleport directly to the start of the route.

Thank you for using the NavHUD!

Click this to teleport to the starting point: Teleport to...(the starting point)"