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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Having Fun...


Having fun with my customized DSL monster truck on last weeks Grid Drive.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

DSL Group Rules...

General rules for the DSL in-world groupSubject to change.


    * 3 notices per week max.


    * Can offer 1 non-offensive, non-business promotional item monthly in chat.


    * Must be nice (no trolling, especially moderators).

    * Can post 1 vehicle related, non-recurring event in chat monthly.

(Those seeking clarification of "nice" or "offensive" should refrain from group chat) 

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Glossary of Terms

DSL - Drivers of Second Life

FS - Firestorm

GTFO - Get The Freight Out

HQ - Drivers of Second Life World Headquarters

"Jacked" - Getting stuck while moving or suddenly getting logged off SL

LCC - Leeward Cruising Club

LDPW - Linden Department of Public Works.

MC - Motorcycle

MP - Second Life MarketPlace

SLA - Second Life Aviation Wiki

SLRR - Second Life Rail Road

SLT - Second Life Time PST UTC -8

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Meetup at DSL HQ

 Meetup with Grinchy and a new friend after a December 2021 Grid Drive