Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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SL Aviation Network
 Luke's Weekend Drive #8

In this video, we review the Drivers of SL Stargate Grid Drive, which became available on December 18th. This is an awesome drive created by Nadnerb Tebaldi. Nad’s drive uses the second life start gate system. This system is like the one you see on the Star Gate movie and TV series. The SL version teleports you to places all over the grid and has several activation modes which makes it very interesting.

Luke's Weekend Drive #9

I race the Hamster of Doom to the new demo derby track at 2raw racing and driving sim.

Supersonic Ultrasound - Music Video

Music for this video was written and performed by my RL son under the name of The Darkmoon Band. He played all of the instruments, sang all the vocal parts, and did all the mixing. The video band is Billy Bob's Psychedelic Underground  Tribute Band. 

Supersonic Ultrasound Tribute 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Angels Waypoint 20 Leg 4

Freedom Monster Truck
1.15.22 WP 20 Leg 4

On the Grid Drive in my Freedom Monster Truck by Scholes Devin. If you are not familiar with Scholes stuff, he makes trucks mostly and all kinds. Most of the trucks have a unique control panel that pops up when the hood is opened. The engine is pretty good but the scripts are getting old and my opinion need an update for the newer grid physics. Textures and sounds are top notch. You should be happy with your purchase if you get one. He offers modding stuff for some of them. You can find a link to Pro Street Cars on the vehicles we recommend page.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Number of Posts On The Home Page?

I have set the number of posts on the home page to 12. If you think it should be more or less please comment below. Thank you. 

All pages have been posted and cross linked for better searching...

Because "pages" on Blogger cannot be easily searched, all the pages have been posted as "posts", cross linked and labels applied hopefully making search easier within pages in the right hand column. You should be able to search for terms within all the pages now. Besides the search box, you can also use the tag/label cloud on the right column to search for labeled posts and pages.

Region and Racing Tracks

Region Tracks

Busy Ben's Vehicle Lot

Linden Labs vehicle sim

C.H.C. Tracks

Vendor test tracks - On and Off Roads

GearHead Car Club

Private tracks

Haru Motors

Vendor 5 test tracks

Kings Canyon Bottom

Private track bottom

Kings Canyon Top

Private track top

Kings Canyon Steampunk Track

Private track start point

Moto Bazzi

Vendor test track

New Citizens Inc Track

Private track

Rock of Cashel Riding Sim Top

Private rack top

Rock of Cashel Riding Sim Bottom

Private track start point

Rockin' Rollers MC Bottom

Private track bottom

Rockin' Rollers MC Top

Private track top

The Wastelands

Apocalyptic role play sim

Racing Tracks

2RAW Extreme

12 road/race tracks

GearHeads Car Club

Several road racing tracks and a drag strip

Georgean Test Track

LC Racing Circuits

13 road/race tracks

Racers Island

20 Race tracks

Glossary of Terms

DSL - Drivers of Second Life

FS - Firestorm

GTFO - Get The Freight Out

HQ - Drivers of Second Life World Headquarters

"Jacked" - Getting stuck while moving or suddenly getting logged off SL

LCC - Leeward Cruising Club

LDPW - Linden Department of Public Works.

MC - Motorcycle

MP - Second Life MarketPlace

SLA - Second Life Aviation Wiki

SLRR - Second Life Rail Road

SLT - Second Life Time PST UTC -8