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 Luke's Weekend Drive #8

In this video, we review the Drivers of SL Stargate Grid Drive, which became available on December 18th. This is an awesome drive created by Nadnerb Tebaldi. Nad’s drive uses the second life start gate system. This system is like the one you see on the Star Gate movie and TV series. The SL version teleports you to places all over the grid and has several activation modes which makes it very interesting.

Luke's Weekend Drive #9

I race the Hamster of Doom to the new demo derby track at 2raw racing and driving sim.

Supersonic Ultrasound - Music Video

Music for this video was written and performed by my RL son under the name of The Darkmoon Band. He played all of the instruments, sang all the vocal parts, and did all the mixing. The video band is Billy Bob's Psychedelic Underground  Tribute Band. 

Supersonic Ultrasound Tribute