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Designing Worlds Video - All About DSL

Thanks to Designing Worlds with Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin for producing a great video outlining the support teams and what we do as the Drivers Of Second Life.

"As regular viewers will know, one of the things that Elrik and Saffia love is discovering new places and new things to do in Second Life, and in this episode they find something that they think is really exciting – the group Drivers of Second Life, who organise weekly Grid Drives, employing a vast array of vehicles, not just cars, to discover interesting places across the SL Grid. They use a special, and extremely ingenious, HUD to navigate – and drivers have a great deal of fun!

Drivers of Second Life is a club that hosts weekly explorations of Second Life with HUD-guided tours (and rewards and prizes on offer too!). A project by the team behind the Second Life Cheerleaders Squad and the game Get the Freight Out, Drivers of Second Life is a wonderful way to explore Second Life, using your own vehicles or – sometimes – boats, planes and railway trains (to say the least of it!) supplied by the group.

Saffia and Elrik talk to the prime movers behind SL Drivers, discover how the setup works, and go on a Drive themselves: hold on to your hats!

They talk to Christi Charron, one of the main people behind Drivers of Second Life, who takes them for a test drive, and also to Famously Distracted of Get the Freight Out. And Saffia gets to experiment with a variety of vehicles, showing an unexpected skill at kayaking through ice caves …

This is clearly a show you won’t want to miss!"


2024 Winter Camp Ice Pilot Challenge

 We are all winners, but these are the 2024 Winter Camp Ice Pilot Challenge winners.


2024 Winter Camping Event!

The 2024 Winter Camping Event is in one week, so get your campers ready! This year's annual driving test has been postponed as this weekend we will instead participate in the first of a two-drive trip to the winter campgrounds! 

1/20 (Sat) - 11:30a and 11:59p

"To Winter Camping Grid Drive Part 1 of 2"

1/26 (Fri) - 5:30p and 11:59p     1/27 (Sat) - 11:30a

"To Winter Camping Grid Drive Part 2 of 2"

1/27 (Sat) - 11:59p