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The Hawks Aerobatic Team at SL19B


It is with great joy and anticipation you are cordially invited to a once-only performance by none other than SL's very own premier aerobatics team...The Hawks! ....and DJ'd by LukeFlywalker! ...followed by fireworks! Come along in your best steampunk attire for the entertainment of your life!

Dress Code - Steampunk (or the closest you have)

1pm Sunday, June 26th at SL19B Arboretum


Luke's Weekend Drive - Cannery Cove Tour

 Luke's Weekend Drive - Cannery Cove Tour

Cannery Cove can be found here: (Top) and has been added to the region pages list in the right column.


Especialistas Da Aeronautica Smoke Squadron

 Especialistas Da Aeronautica Smoke Squadron presents their 10 Anniversary Air Show......... Enjoy!



Drivers of SL Madison Custom Bikes and Cars Drive Review

 Luke's Weekend Drive #11 - Drivers of SL Madison Custom Bikes and Cars Drive Review


Equestrian Trails Update

Latest update from Shynne Nirvana.

*You can find our page here:


The Places to Ride list was originally released in the past by Cerdwin Flanagan. This was such a great idea for both the Teegle Community and the SL Equestrian Community in general that we felt it would be great to keep it going. With that in mind there are a few things to make note of before we get into the locations and what they have to offer. 

In addition to this notecard, we also recommend checking the Locations to Ride section of the Teegle Blog & Catalog which can be found here:

- This list started as a personal list compiled by Cerdwin Flanagan. This was not and still isn't in association with any place, creator, or group. If you would like your place added, have a suggestion, or would like to remove or change/edit your listing please contact. Thank you!

- These places are costly to keep after and most of them have areas where you can donate to their land fees. Please consider donating to help keep them open. Donations also help show your appreciation, and anything helps. Always keep in mind to follow the rules of these locations and try to be respectful of their environment and what they have to offer. Remember: Without these locations we wouldn't have many places to ride at all!

*Places to ride are listed first, then followed by Equestrian Centers.


Size: Region - Mainland

Veneber: Bellisseria Coastal Road (Moderate)

Theme: Suburban Coastal - Mainland

- Nice, big paved roads along the coast.

Artagan: Bellisseria Log Cabin Area (Moderate)

Theme: Country/Forest - Mainland

- Linden Home Log Cabin Area, big dirt roads through the forest.

Banmis Highlands: Bellisseria Log Cabin Area (Moderate)

Theme: Country/Forest - Mainland

- Linden Home Log Cabin Area, big dirt roads to ride, nice streams nearby. Rezz area near the landing spot.

Lil' Lakehouse, Fofita: Bellisseria Suburban Neighborhood (Moderate)

Theme: Suburban Neighborhood - Mainland

- Teeglepet Animesh Riding Horse Rezzer (Hitching Post & Saddle Stand), Teeglepet Interactive Wash Station, blacktop neighborhood road to ride.

Thistle Dew Stables, Bellaire: Bellisseria Suburban Neighborhood (Moderate)

Theme: Suburban Neighborhood - Mainland

- Teeglepet Animesh Riding Horse Rezzer (Hitching Post & Saddle Stand), *WH*~ Animesh Horse Quarter Horse Rideable, blacktop neighborhood road to ride. 

Gentle Grove (Moderate)

Theme: Linden home suburban residential - Mainland. 

- Nice paved walkways and roads that are easy to ride. No rez rights, so be sure to attach your horse to ride here. 

Siros (Moderate)

Theme: Linden home suburban residential - Mainland. 

- Rez zone at the landing point. Nice paved walkways and roads that are easy to ride. 


- Callas Galadhon - 

Size: 13 sims. 

- Follow the coast trail signs for a trail ride that leads you on a circular route through 13 sims. 

Glanduin (Moderate)

Theme: Country, farmland - Estate

- WH Bento Riding Horse Rezzer, WH Double Riding System, Double Passenger Rezzer for the Jinx & Mythril Bronte Carriage.

Dimrill Dale (Moderate)

Theme: Country, small town - Estate

- WH Bento Riding Horse Rezzer, blacktop road and coast trail signs to follow.

Mirromere (Moderate)

Theme: Forest, mountain trails - Estate

- WH Bento Riding Horse Rezzer, WH Double Riding System Rezzer, coast trail signs to follow.

Misty Mountains (Moderate)

Theme: Mountain forest - Estate

- No rezzers or rezz rights, you must attach a horse to ride from this specific location. This was Cer's favorite starting point. Head out of the meadow and take the first trail sign to your right. 


Linden Old Wagon Road (Moderate)

Theme: Country - Mainland

- Rezz area, nice natural road to follow.

Templeton Cove Riding & Hiking Trails (Moderate)

Theme: Wilderness Residential & Recreational - Multi-Region Estate

- Riding trails with signs to follow, Horse Avatar Riding System Rezzer (Teegle & BC), Teeglepet Animesh Horse Rezzer (hitching post). Stalls for rent at nearby Meadowrose Stables. 

Ville De Coeur Horse Trail & Hunting Club (Moderate)

Theme: French countryside & villages - Multi-Region Estate

- Teeglepet Animesh Horse Rezzer (hitching post), four different villages (two of them modeled after specific parts of France!). Riders must be ready to make detours from the path to get to these villages, but all roads are open to horses and riders. 

Lost Unicorn (Moderate)

Theme: Fantasy forest - Estate

- Group rezz rights, gorgeous forest trails!

Studland Bay (Moderate)

Theme: Rural countryside - Estate

- Nice dirt trails, carriage rides. Wear your horse to ride here. 

Loch Haven - Natural Wilderness (Moderate)

Theme: Countryside and forest. Natural beauty and romantic peaceful spots for couples and individuals to explore. - Estate

- No rez rights, but there is a Teeglepet Animesh Horse rezzer at the landing point. 

The Grove Country Club Estates (Moderate)

Theme: Built to resemble Tuscany Italy, The Grove provides residential parcels for sale in a close-knit community. Fifteen regions with varied size parcels intertwine and connect, with beautiful cobbled walkways winding over hill and through each valley. There are epic views and vistas from any vantage point. 

- There is a script limit of 5MB here, and the connecting roads are public. Do not go into private parcels. 

Fireside (Moderate)

Theme: Country, rural/forest. - Mainland

- Able to rez at the landing point. WH Double Riding System rezzer. Dirt road trail that leads to mainland roads.

Nautilus Tour - Route 12 (Moderate)

Theme: None in particular. - Mainland

- Able to rez at the landing point, blacktop linden roads to follow. 

Witches Rock Costa Rica (Adult)

Theme: Tropical and surf - Estate. 

- Designated riding trails, surfing, beautiful tropical environment. No rez rights. 

Green Acres (Adult)

Theme: Countryside farmland - Estate.

- Beautiful trails in a detailed setting. Able to rez at landing point. 

Scotland in SL (Moderate)

Theme: Scottish estate to ride through and explore - Estate. 

- Teeglepet Animesh Horse rezzer at the landing point. You can also rezz there as well. All roads are open and there are very nice relaxing spots. 

Dusty Shores (Moderate)

Theme: Desert rural and Nevada back country - Estate. 

- Several areas linked together with rez rights at the first landing point. 

Route 6 - Deltote (Moderate)

Theme: Residential woodlands - Mainland. 

- No rez rights here, be sure to attach your horse to ride. Great trails and public bridleway. 

Horisme (General)

Theme: Tibetan temple themed at the start. Great Wall style road to ride. - Mainland. 

- No rez rights here, attach your horse to ride. 

Realm of Rosehaven (Moderate)

Theme: Countryside with fantasy elements, multi-sim - Estate.

- Teeglepet Animesh Horse rezzer (saddle stand) at the landing spot, with free rezzing as well - so you can rezz your own horse. Multi-sim public roads with stunning fantasy inspired scenes throughout. Additionally, there is a Rosehaven Riders & Stables area, and you can join them on most Fridays at 4 PM LT for a horseback ride through various nature and fantasy-inspired sims.

Soul2Soul Coast (Moderate)

Theme: Quaint fishing village, tropical - Estate. 

- No rezzing at the landing zone, so wear your horse to ride. This is a residential location with nice roads and trails but the residences are off limits. Beautiful landscaping. 

MGNB Highland Blessing (Moderate)

Theme: Countryside, Celtic Highlands - Estate.

- Rezzing allowed, Teeglepet Animesh Horse rezzer at the landing zone. Multi-level scenic riding trail and road, dressage court, jumping course, park concert grounds and shop rentals. 

Golden Meadows Horse Trails (Moderate)

Theme: Rural/Countryside, equestrian farmland environment - Estate.

- No rezzing, but you can attach your horse to ride. There is a teeglepet horse rezzer at the landing zone in the barn. Lovely farm and country atmosphere to explore, lots of trails to follow. Lots of nooks and crannies to relax, and also an eventing platform. Jumping course, dressage court, and barrel races are all located on the eventing platform. Don't forget to check out the snowy holiday trail!

Lemongrass (Adult)

Theme: Fantasy forest and mountains -  Estate.

- You can't rezz, so just attach your horse to ride. This location offers gorgeously landscaped trails with different paths to follow. There is a massive mountain, caves to wander through, and thick forestry to explore. Several little places to stop and relax, or enjoy the scenery. 

Mount Champion Caves National Forest (Moderate)

Theme: Woodland mountains and caves - Mainland.

- No rezzing here, so attach your horse to begin your ride. This is a wonderfully landscaped place with thick forest trails to wander and a large mountain to trek down. There are private rental areas, hot springs, a park center, and access to linden roads. A very fun and relaxing place to get lost in. 

Four Bridges (Moderate)

Theme: Woodland mountainside - Estate. 

- No rezzing, but you can attach your horse to ride. This is a stunningly landscaped location with various trails to follow and lots of activities to participate in. Enjoy the trails with your horse, go cliff diving, row boating, cave exploring, and hiking on foot. Great to relax with a peaceful and natural atmosphere. (Location is currently under construction/changes).

The Wastelands (Mature)

Theme: Post Apocalyptic - Estate. 

- Full rezz rights here on landing. The Wastelands are a great chain of sims with a post apoc, rp friendly setting - but there is no dress code and RP is not mandatory. Explorers are welcome, and the roads and trails to follow here are nearly endless. 

Ziel (Moderate)

Theme: Country/Rural, Woodlands - Estate.

- Rezzing rights and teegle animesh horse rezzers at the landing zone (Hitching post & saddle stand). Gorgeously landscaped sims with seemingly endless trail riding and exploring. Fun and exciting cross country at the landing point, but the area also has multiple stables, a dressage arena, sailing areas, hang gliding, bayou wetlands and more!

Multifarious Mainstore & Hangout - Ocean Bay (Moderate)

Theme: Country/Woodland - Estate. 

- Rezz area/sandbox near the landing spot and mainstore. Heavily wooded area great for short trail rides, several spots to relax and unwind, calming and pleasant atmosphere. 

Carpathia Antiquity (Moderate)

Theme: Baroque/Royal, Gardens - Estate. 

- No rezz rights on landing so make sure to attach your horse for riding. This location has massive royal gardens to ride through and explore, a baroque palace, and several little areas to relax or take pictures. Open to free form RP. 

The Ceilidh, Corsica South Coasters - Sunstream (Moderate)

Theme: Rural Scottish, coastal - Mainland. 

- You can rez when you land here. Teegle animesh horse rezzer is available nearby (hitching post). There is a teleport board for easy navigation, a tourist center, coffee hangout, several ports, ruins, rentals, museums, and an airfield to explore. There are lots of trails and roads for riding, scenic ruins location, and even water zones with sailing. Countless areas for photo opportunities and simply to relax in. 

Entropia (Moderate)

Theme: Rural/Countryside, woodland, mountainous - Estate. 

- No rezzing at the landing, so attach your horse to ride. This location offers several sims to explore, making the trails feel endless. There are several little villages surrounding a large lake, an art museum, beach zones, and lots of nooks and crannies to explore. 

Blackhearts Cafe & Equestrian Trail (Moderate)

Theme: Western/Country, desert, woodland - Estate. 

- Rezz zone on the landing point, with a teegle animesh horse rezzer nearby (hitching post). This location has tons and tons of trails and road for riding, and is multi-tiered for a fun and equally multi-themed experience. There are cabins, a post office, sheriff's office, saloon style cafe, and a few other little stops along the road to enjoy. 

Serenity Valley (Moderate)

Theme: Western/Countryside, woodland, mountainous - Estate. 

- Free rezzing at the landing zone. This spot features free range roaming for riding, and tons of lovely scenery for photo opportunities. Be sure to explore well to find little nooks and crannies to chill in, and enjoy the surroundings. You can find various sources of information at the landing zone, a very lively and relaxing environment. 

Southern Roots (Moderate)

Theme: Rural/Countryside, woodland, mountainous - Estate. 

- You can join the group to rezz here, but there's also a teegle animesh horse rezzer at the landing zone (hitching post). This lively location offers tons of sights to see and trails to follow to various different activities. A nifty teleport board can be found not far from the landing for easy navigation, but Southern Roots features rentals, a movie theatre, beach, camping grounds, dance club, and tons of lookout points and spots to relax. 

Hiraya Town - Amakura-mura (Moderate)

Theme: Urban/Cityscape, Asian Influenced - Mainland.

- This location has free rezzing throughout, but it is heavily recommended you wear your horse for easier traveling in the city. This is a quiet and beautifully created city on mainland that is must visit for a relaxing and peaceful ride. Tons of spots to explore and get lost in with lots of photo opportunities to be had here. 

Lake Eacham (Moderate)

Theme: Mountain/Jungle - Estate.

- You can rezz or attach your horses at this location. Long mountain trail to ride and beautiful tropical themed landscaping to take in. There are many nooks and crannies to explore and relax in. Several spots that might make lovely photo opportunities, and additional activities on site. 

TRMC Horseback Riding (Moderate)

Theme: Several different themes, depending on the level you ride on - Estate.

- You can rez freely, so no need to attach your horse. At the landing zone there is a Teeglepet Animesh horse rezzer (hitching post), and a nifty chart to help you pick which horse you might like to ride. Amidst the trails you'll find tons of activities for both equestrian and family fun. Additionally, several of the levels showcase various different scenery settings. These range from lush, green woodlands, deserts, swamps, a spooky ghost town, and even a fun steampunk level. 

Silverfall Ranch (Moderate)

Theme: National Forest, mountainous - Estate.

- Open rezz or feel free to attach your horse to ride. The trails feel endless here, with beautiful landscaping that really gives a national forest/park type of vibe. You can hang out at the barn, explore the paddock spaces, or follow the trails to discover: a bay/beach area, winding forest roads, picnic spots, and even a mountainous camping area. Super relaxing environment with lots of spots to enjoy or take photos. 

Raglan Shire (General)

Theme: Fantasy forest & rural - Estate.

- Open rezzing for all, but a landmark to the sandbox will also be provided. This fun spot is known as the home of the tinies, and you'll find no shortage of things to explore. The landing zone is also Raglan Shire's welcome center, but from there you can follow the paths to explore among the trees. This place is a fun and whimsical environment with tons of photo ops and exciting sights to see. 

Seogyeo Town (East) (Moderate)

Theme: English style town/village - Mainland.

- Another location with open rezzing at the landing zone. The photo opportunities are endless in this lovely town with on-going roads and trails. Seogyeo Town features roads that are wide enough for cart driving, picnic spots, games, actively running railroads, and even an airport. Getting lost here is easy, but pleasant, as many of the roads and trails can lead to neighboring regions. 

Shale Mountain Ranch (Adult)

Theme: Rural & Fantasy forest, mountainous - Estate.

- Free rezzing throughout, Teeglepet Animesh Rezzer at the landing zone (hitching post). 

Enjoy sprawling riding and hiking trails through magical forests with bubbling streams and cozy resting spots at the Shale Mountain Ranch, a place You can call Home along with your horse(s). SMR boasts stables, paddocks and facilities for your mounts, "rezzer" horses for those without, a huge party barn for private parties, a relaxing swimming pool, an open-air cafe, campgrounds, racing tracks, and an arcade -- all for Your enjoyment. Have fun!


- BL Borderlands Groups - 

Size: Multi-Sim Estates.

Sonora West, Arizona (Adult)

Theme: Wild West RP, Arizona - Estate. 

- This is a roleplay sim, and visitors must dress in theme with the Western genre and wear a visitor's tag. It's well worth it for the scenery. You can rez at the landing point. 

Mexico Sonora (Adult)

Theme: Wild West RP, Mexico - Estate. 

- This is a roleplay sim, and visitors must dress in theme with the Western genre and wear a visitor's tag. Worth it for the scenery, visitors can rez at the landing point. 

Mexico Chihuahua (Adult)

Theme: Wild West RP, Mexico - Estate. 

- This is a roleplay sim, and visitors must dress in theme with the Western genre and wear a visitor's tag. Worth it for the scenery, visitors can rez at the landing point. 

Lost Mesa (Moderate)

Theme: Wild West RP, New Mexico - Estate. 

- This is a roleplay sim, and visitors must dress in theme with the Western genre and wear a visitor's tag. Worth it for the scenery, visitors can rez at the landing point. 


*Equestrian & Eventing Centers

Antiquity Britannica (Moderate)

Theme: Victorian/1800s community that combines the elegance of the period with the roughness of the past - Multi-sim Estates. 

- Teeglepet Animesh Horse rezzer (hitching post), Cross Country, Barrel Racing, pole bending, Race track with steeplechase obstacles, chariot track. Countless trails to follow with markers that lead through many sims. Able to rez here. Monthly events. 

Toor Equestrian Eventing Grounds  (Moderate)

Theme: Countryside/rural Equestrian - Estates. 

- Teeglepet Animesh Horse rezzer at the landing zone, along with rez abilities. Residential rentals available, riding and carriage trails spanning six connected sims. Dressage courts, standard arena jumpers course, pony jumpers course for kids, cross country spanning five sims, dressage carousel teams. Monthly 3-phase eventing shows, classes and private tutoring, pony club events for children, seasonal dressage freestyle shows. 

Divine Gardens Equestrian Center - Komachi Family Acres (Moderate)

Theme: Countryside/rural Equestrian - Estate. 

- Rezzing at the landing zone. Places to relax and run events, caters to show jumping and steeplechase. Nice trail to ride. Very kid friendly, and described as PG. 

Future Equestrians (Moderate)

Theme: Countryside western and english equestrian - Estate. 

- Indoor arenas, barrel racing, calf cutting, trail riding, calf roping, pole bending, shoot out course. They also have equine agility, dressage, steeplechase, showjumping courses, flat track races and support equine management roleplay. Kid friendly, Teeglepet Animesh Horse rezzers in a few different areas, along with avatar riding system rezzers. Scheduled classes and events. 

Maple Leaf Riding Center (Moderate)

Theme: Rurual/Country equestrian - Estate. 

- Rezz rights throughout for all, no group needed. Trails for a relaxing ride on the ground and in the woods, arena jumping courses, and large dressage courts, western arenas, cart driving course, race track and a riding club house. Lots of nooks and crannies to relax in. Teleport board is near the landing zone for easy navigation. Weekly activities and classes are offered here, along with some events. 

Hoppegarten Racecourse & Showgrounds (Moderate)

Theme: Rural/Country Equestrian - Mainland.

- No immediate rezzing rights at the landing zone. Beautifully landscaped eventing grounds with an immersive RP system and community. This venue offers various show rings for halter classes, a large outdoor dressage court, fun cross country course, hunter/jumper events, vet & farrier services, team barns, rentals, and much more.

Noxus Stables (Moderate)

Theme: Rural/Country Equestrian - Estate.

- Rezz rights near the landing zone, large stable area with stalls for rent, groom & wash bays, rider's lounge, dressage court, jumping course, open and free roam trails for riding, large paddock spaces, lakeside hangout with a relaxing atmosphere. 

Raven Hollow Equestrian (Moderate)

Theme: Rural/Countryside Equestrian - Mainland.

- Join the group for rezz rights here, and be sure to check the landing zone and barn entry for useful information. This is a beautiful center that offers boarding services, paddocks for turnout, classes, and some vast trails/roads for riding to get lost in. A large covered dressage arena and party/hangout spot can be found too, along with a relaxing rider's lounge over the main barn. 

Moorcroft Village & Eventing (Moderate)

Theme: Rural/Country Equestrian - Mainland. 

- You may rez freely throughout the area. Moorcroft is an equestrian community located in the East of Sansara continent. Recently, more land was acquired, and more competitive events were established. In collaboration with the Bellisserian Embassy Sansara, you are invited to join and visit Moorcroft to explore their village and the nearby scenery by horseback riding. Make sure you check out their eventing area to learn more about their diverse events. You will even be able to try out the jumping, racing, and other activities offered here.

artMEfashion Training Facilities (Moderate)

Theme: Rural english coastal countryside on 3 levels

- Rezz rights throughout for everyone, horse and cart rezzers on all levels. Frequently changing show jumping courses, dressage arenas, western arenas and courses, cart driving arena and cross country course. Nooks and crannies to relax. Teleport portals near all landing zones for easy navigation. This venue offers weekly training classes, events, and personal lessons, boarding pasture and stall room.

O'Mally Equestrian Center (General)

Theme: Rural/Equestrian - Mainland.

- Full rezz rights throughout for all visitors, with animesh horse rezzers right outside the landing zone (Hitching post and saddle stand). Pay attention to the helpful pointing sign outside of the landing zone to find your way to awesome features. O'Mally Equestrian center has lovely landscaping, a large stable area with stalls for rent, paddock space for turnout, a massive race track, and a nice area for camping.