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Back To The 80s Car Show Sponsored By The Taildraggers Car Club and Back To The 80s Nightclub Brings A Fun Weekend Party


 This weekend, the Taildraggers Car Club, in collaboration with Back To The 80s Nightclub, sponsored the "Back To The 80s Car Show". The weekend was filled with happy vibes, full of fun, music, dancing, partying and of course, cars !

Builders from the Taildraggers Car Club, alongside other builders and car enthusiasts came to share their builds and enjoy the various models that were being presented at the show. 

The street in front of the club was closed down and turned into a large dance floor. The club was full of positive vibes as people enjoyed the lovely music, the awesome decor and the dynamic staff who made everyone feel like they are welcome.

Fhionn M'Haille, president of the Taildraggers Car Club, expressed their happiness with the show being organized. "The Taildraggers Car Club was honored to be asked to present a car show, for Back To The 80s Club. We strive to have the highest quality custom builds, and all the members take pride in the work involved", M'Haille said. "We may be a small club, but we have some of the best people on the grid. The club is a nice place for car lovers to come hang out, make good friends, and have a fun time while enjoying their common hobby of love for high quality vehicles".

Timber Katscher, co-owner of the Back To The 80s Nightclub, stated that she had a positive experience at the event. "I had no idea what would come of this event when the idea was first suggested. I certainly did not expect this many custom rides, or all these people to swing in and party the weekend away. And I'm not complaining !" Katscher said happily. "I woke up this weekend with very open expectations and the last 48 hours have just blown me away. It's been an incredible experience and one I'd love to repeat in the future" she added. Katscher concluded by saying "I want to thank the Tail Draggers Car Club for making it all possible. There's no question they were the main attraction during this block party".

I personally enjoyed my time at the party, as I am a big fan of both good music and cars. It was good to see all the different models that the builders bought to the show, while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere with positive vibes and people. More events like this please !