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Ice Tech T700 Release Party!


Coming this Friday, September 16th, the release of an exciting new turboprop aircraft the T-700 by ICE Tech. The T-700 has been adapted to SL to provide a realistic turboprop experience.

The plane features a realistic flight model, smooth handling, dynamic flight controls, hud instruments, and includes an integrated SA GPS transponder and compatibility with the KellyFuel pump V3.1. Wait! I'm not done yet, This just keeps getting better!  The aircraft has been designed to be flown in mouselook, using the instruments on the dashboard. The plane also has an Instrument hud for those who prefer to fly with the external camera. It has also been optimized for stall/spin and VFR fight! 

  There are few aircraft in Second Life that will provide this level of flight simulator quality, and you can make it your very own!  Come to the reveal and release party on Friday, September 16th starting at 12:00 PM SLT at the SL Aviation Network Hangar at Cinsal airport. Demo flights will be available! Agrippa (27,107,46)