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Fantasy Faire Info

Welcome to Fantasy Faire 2022 - A Relay For Life Event
April 21 through May 8

Well done, Traveler! You have passed through the Mysts and discovered a world where magic is real, and the hero is YOU!

Here, you will find the Incantations that will open the Portals to all 20 of the Fairelands (also known as Landmarks). We invite you to bookmark the Faire's website so that you can take advantage of all the Faire has to offer, including the Calendar of Events, the new Shopping Guide, and much more to inspire, delight, amuse,  and lift you up.

You are also cordially invited to join the Faire's Group. Notices are sent out daily with details about the special events for the day!

* * Fantasy Faire Fans * *   secondlife:///app/group/7eb1b08b-1b3e-fdfa-1ad6-252c779e1b8b/about

OR on Discord:

The Fantasy Faire staff are here to help you however we can. See the link below for a list of the Faire's Department Leads.

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Visit or call (US) 800-ACS-2345.