Saturday, January 8, 2022

Helpful Driving Tools

AC Camera Focus HUD

Arlequin Carter

11 Camera presets including a driving view.

Airport Waypoint HUD


A tool that allows you to load sets of positions for airports and navigate to them, including the heading of the runway.

Almond CrossSafe


The Almond CrossSafe Vehicle Tracking System is a single script you can use in your vehicle if it is modifiable. It is designed for convenient and effective use, and it allows you to find your lost vehicle nearly anywhere in SL!

Banline and Rez Detector


This HUD helps you to avoid ban lines and places to rez.

Banline Detector

IceCold Skytower

This HUD helps you to avoid ban lines.

Bellisseria Rez and GFS Spot Finder HUD

A user customizable notecard driven HUD for finding and teleporting to public rezzable spots and Global Fuel Systems (GFS) spots on Bellisseria.

DSL Outfits and Badges

Outfits and free badges are available at HQ

Find Rez Spots in the Blake Sea

If your stuck in the middle of water in the Blake Sea and need to find a place to rez quickly, open your mini map or radar,  right click and choose show/property lines. You will find small boxes in the corners of each sim. Here, you can rez!

Firestorm Camera Preference Settings

This will help you while driving and flying vehicles using Firestorm.

Firestorm Viewer Sit Fixer

Christie Charron

Firestorm Viewer Built In AO Sit Fixer for Region Crossings

NTBI Global Fuel System

The Global Fuel System is an open-use fuel system maintained by the NTBI Group. You can implement GFS into your own vehicles.


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Java Mocha

Move vehicles anywhere in a Sim


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Mainland Maps & Rez Zone LM Finder HUD


Region Crossing Avatar Fixer for Vehicle Drivers

Christie Charron

Region Crossing Avatar Fixer for Vehicle Drivers

Route Planner


This is the route planner, you use it for planning routes!

Script Counter

Iain Maltz

The script counter is a product designed to help everyone reduce their script count.

Sparx Land HUD

Sayrah Parx

This HUD shows a grid of all the land units in a region, which are colored based on ability to access and rez.

Ultimate Sailor Buddy

Uggo Vieria

Demo, Basic, Light and Pro editions. Navigation & Sailing HUD with advanced features that work with flying as well.

Yasmin Avionics


Avionics + Other stuff and things

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